Knee High Socks

Knee High Socks come in lots of different types of awesome looks today so that you can change your leg appearance to enhance your outfits. Fun looking pairs of socks can come in stripes, patterns, or prints and in all types of different materials and weights so that each decorated leg acts like a piece of designer-style clothing. Today, a fashion ensemble is not complete unless it is bottomed-off right with matching leg-wear and shoes.

Tall Sports Socks: Some of the latest fashion trends in Knee High Socks include very tall tube socks with a stripe or two around the top like the shorter pairs of sports socks have. This style of sports socks can come in every color combination imaginable, but is most popular in black with white accent stripes. The color black can harmonize nicely with most designer fashions today. Tall sports socks look great with shorts, skirts, or denim dresses that allow your knee to be showing.

Ruffle Tops: Pretty feminine Knee High Socks will often have a ruffle-cut edge at the top that is turned down to enhance the frilly appearance of these leg garments. A fun way to wear the ruffle tops is to wear them with a strong or masculine looking outfit. Opposites in fashion statements can often blend well into one eye-pleasing outfit.

Classic Knee High Socks: The classic Knee High Socks will come in solid colors and have a cuff that can be folded down at the top. These sox can be worn alone or with another pair of fancy ankle sox over the top for fun. Sock cuffs can be decorated with earrings to match various outfits or to add a little spark of glitter to your outfit.

Stirrup Socks: The knee-length stirrup socks look like dancer leg warmers without being as thick. The foot area holds a wide strap that allows most of the foot to be bare. This style of Knee High Socks can be worn with sandals to highlight your legs while you are in your summertime fashions.

How your choice in Knee High Socks looks on your leg is not always going to be the same as you see the socks on catalog pages. As an example, large calves look larger if they are wearing bold stripes, and thin legs fade away with tiny designs involved. A good rule-of-thumb to follow is to buy your tall socks in opposites. Large legs get small prints and small legs get the bigger or brighter colors. Tall shoes like the Knee High Converse can work to wear any kind of Knee High Socks that you like with since the shoe can be adjusted in heights that flatter and highlight all types of leg builds.

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